• To improve water quality, making it crystal clear
  • Effectively absorb harmful bacteria (pathogenic)
  • Effectively eliminating bad water smell from tank or ponds ( The absorption power of PURE LIQUID is 20,000 times that of activated carbon)
  • Removes or neutralizing chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, and residues from medicines or other chemical additives that have been dosed into the tanks or ponds
  • Prevents partial deterioration of aquarium or ponds even at the lowest layer of gravels
  • Increase fish appetite, enhance growth and intensify color of fishes
  • Act as mobile surface area for beneficial bacteria as PURE LIQUID is super fine porous particle
  • No other filter medium or product can produce this
  • Promotes fertility and egg laying rate
  • Increase the population of beneficial bacteria
  • The bacteria will be more active and therefore more effective in reducing ammonia, nitrate, phosphate, algae and toxic substances
  • Assist in curing the skin diseases, fin rot, mouth rot and internal injury of any invertebrates
  • Acts as a useful fertilizer for all tropical aquaria plants
  • Contains more than 25,000 types of natural elements, minerals and compounds that are almost impossible to cultivate in aquarium and ponds
  • An effective contamination indicator The level of contamination is proportionate to the time taken for the cloudiness to clear
    Improve fish vitality, Resistance to disease and stress reduction for fishes These will in turn reduce mortality rate
  • PURE LIQUID treats tap water back to their natural unprocessed states
  • Creating a natural healthy aquaria environment and matures new tanks efficiently

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