Rakesh VM

Professional Aquascaper & Founder

Yuvaraj VM

Aquascape Planner & Director

In a world filled with pollution & artificial intelligence, Aquascaping is an eye-opener that gives you an opportunity to give life to nature inside a glass box. We at Aqua club focus on providing you the right products and tools to replicate aquatic habitats that lie deep underwater.

While every penny you invest in a business-grows to profit, likewise, every bit you add inside an aquarium brings you close to nature by nurturing and witnessing its growth. You can choose from our wide range of products like canisters, filters, lights, rocks, driftwood, plants, skimmers, CO2 kits etc. to build your nature aquarium.

Having a beautiful and flamboyant habitat grow and thrive in the most natural way in front of your eyes provides a beautiful escape from the technological modern world and fills your heart with tranquility.

Our mission is to provide you a chance to give birth to aquatic nature & garden them with utmost care. An investment made in nature only multiplies & never fails. Every step in the process of Aquascaping brings you close to nature and lets you indulge in this pure and serene art that mesmerizes you in many ways.

Get your living space a glass wall to build an Aquatic habitat and watch the landscaped area grow into an enthralling scenery.

We look forward to a great and valuable relationship. Thank you for visiting us.

Team Aqua Club

Designing Aquatic Habitats