Apart from our products, Aqua Club also provides custom-designed solutions for our customers. Our team of professional designers assesses and designs each aquarium based on customer requirements and the space available.

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Aquarium Maintenance

Our expertise team offers proficient aquarium services based on the client’s requirements based on the fish tank capacity. We do organise and planned execution aquarium service to our clients. In case of emergency we don’t care about the time in closing the issues. Some clients out of the state call us to do the maintenance per month, because of the service we provide, our clients are really contented with us after installing the aquarium. We will test the water parameters (salt / ammonia / nitrite / nitrate / phosphate) regularly to maintain a healthy fish. We maintain a log book for each client. If it is planted fish tank, we will trim the plants based on the clients need.

Did you know, an aquarium not only lower anxiety and stress, but they can also help with sleep?

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