Pure Liquid 100ML


Effectively absorbs harmful bacteria (pathogenic). Improve water quality, making it crystal clear.
Increase dissolved oxygen content in the water. Promote fertility and egg laying rate.
Effectively eliminate bad water smell from tank or ponds (The absorption power of Pure Liquid is
20,000 times that of activated carbon). Removes or neutralizes chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals
and residues from medicines or other chemical additives that have been dosed into the tanks or ponds.
Doubles up the performance of filtration system in your tank/pond. Prevents partial deterioration of
aquarium or ponds even at the lowest layer of gravel. Increases fish appetite, enhance growth and intensify colour of Fish

  • 100% natural with >2,000 natural minerals, compounds and elements.
  • Increases dissolved oxygen levels in water.
  • Ideal for both fresh & salt water aquariums.
  • 100ml treats 1000L of water

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