Metal Cabinet 60 is ADA’s newest aquarium tank cabinet with a novel design. To match the body colors of Aquasky RGB 60, there are two color choices (silver and black) available.

 It is constructed with steel panels and engineered to have sufficient strength to support the weight of a W60 x D30 aquarium tank.  The unique structure design with the front and back panels folded inwards diagonally also resonates with the design of the Aquasky RGB that angles inward.  Both sides are opened so that a filter and a CO2 system can be stored comfortably. Aquascapes will stand out even more with Metal Cabinet 60 Silver / Black.  This is ADA design.  To signify its authenticity, the ADA logo is pierced at the front right-hand corner.  This cabinet comes fully assembled, no assembly is required.  Made in Japan.
For aquarium tank size W60xD30xH36(cm)


※There is an “ADA” pierced logo located at the front right-hand corner
※There is a hole (Ø50mm) for wiring on the back


  • Product code: 108-515 Black / 108-516 Silver
  • Dimension: W60xD30xH70 (cm)
  • Weight: 23kg / Approx 50.71 lbs
  • Material: Made of Steel
  • Country of Origin: Made in Japan

* Aquarium Tank and Lighting fixture shown in the image are sold separately.


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