Frozen Sterilized Bloodworms


Bubbles N Troubles (BNT) Frozen Fresh Bloodworm is the practical substitute to live food, as it is 100% UV & BNT’s Patented Gel Sterilized allowing to fortify all Natural Nutrition of Live bloodworms along with eliminating the internal and external parasite / bacteria / other impurities from the bloodworms body which makes it completely safe to feed your beloved aquarium pets. BNT’s patented unique GEL Sterilization Formula is 100% Safe, biodegradable and NON- TOXIC for your pets. Frozen blood worms are enumerated with natural Beta Carotene, Spirulina and Vitamin C which ensures that BNT’s Frozen Bloodworm’s will provide Crude protein: 48.62% and Crude fat: 8.5%, Crude Fiber (MAX): 5.5% being energetically sufficient for all warm-water living fish and amphibians along with naturally enhance their coloration and boost their immunity.

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