Wacker 121 Aquarium Silicone Sealant


WACKER® 121 – AQUARIUM is a one-part, acid-curing, silicone sealant with excellent mechanical properties and high curing rate for construction of aquariums and industrial applications. WACKER® 121 – AQUARIUM cures at room temperature under the action of atmospheric moisture to give a permanently flexible silicone rubber.

  •  PREMIUM GRADE —> Made in Germany, Wacker 121 is a high performance silicone sealant designed for strong Bonding, Gap Filling & Repair of aquarium tanks, fish tanks and other glazing applications. Suitable for small to large size tank construction.
  • ✔️ FDA APPROVED —> FDA approved for fish and other aquatic animals. No toxins in it, safe and fish friendly.
  • ✔️ FEATURES & BENEFITS —> Excellent Long-term water resistance *★* Suitable for glass, plastics, ceramic products, and more *★* High strength, high toughness, high viscosity *★* Fast curing speed *★* Suitable for objects under water pressure *★* Excellent mechanical properties *★* Usage for wide variety of Glazing & Industrial applications

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